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Tons Of Hacking Books Available Online For Free

Fancy a PDF read on a new topic? Of course you do! Learning is essential to getting into a hacker mindset. How are you going to exploit a server’s vulnerabilities without knowing any Perl? Lucky for us, the team at HackNMod found some shady FTP site (with an HTML-based index) that features hundreds of scanned books in PDF form. You’ll ...

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Yahoo! Redeems Itself

Remember how Yahoo fucked you out of all your music by shutting down its DRM server and not giving you any reimbursements? Well, it has rightfully decided to reimburse its paying customers. Turns out Yahoo feels bad for screwing customers over. Nice of Yahoo! Music to consider the folks who keep its workers from going hungry. Yahoo, in return for ...

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An Obama Of Our Own: Fold Your Own Candidate

Depending on your political affiliation, this site is now offering the three major contenders as downloadable and printable finger puppets. But really, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t they have finger puppets of us? Whether you are a McCain man, a Clintonite, or an Obama brotha, you can print out all three of the finger puppets and hold ...

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Download A Camera: Yes, Download A Camera

So it might not be digital, and it might not feature all of those cool specs of your favorite super-powered camera, but it is a FREE friggen’ camera. Featuring design patterns by Corbis, you can download your very own pinhole camera from Readymech Cameras. All you have to do is print, assemble, and read up about using a pinhole camera ...

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Walmart, get with it, Firefox is real and it has a market share

Walmart has outdone Apple with its major studio online video download service. There, it’s been said, now let’s get to the part where Walmart screwed up big time. Just visit the site. Yeah, it really does look like that (if you are using IE, not only are you crazy, you won’t get this article). That, ladies and gentlemen, is what ...

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