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Grassy Lawn Charging Station Provides Ample Room For Your Gadgets To Graze

Tired of coming home to find that your gadgets have not only set-up shop in your bed, but have also left spots or urine scattered across your house? The Grassy Lawn Charging Station not only provides a relaxing spot for your devices to chill, but plenty of room to evacuate their bowels and graze through the�chlorophyl-packed highlands of grass blades. ...

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Peg Puzzle Player Modular Stereo System

Everything is in its right place. Every element has its own home. A special form fit dock for charging each piece of the Peg Puzzle Player. The Peg Puzzle Player by Jongchul Kim is a modular stereo system which includes nine separate modules. The nine modules communicate through Bluetooth. Each of the nine pieces has their own custom spot on ...

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