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Make Your Own Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


No longer do you need to worry about excruciating limitations when it comes to delicious Nutella! After today's post you will be able to make all the Nutella you can eat and know exactly what goes in to this delicious chocolatey hazelnut spread.

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Make Your Own Stormtrooper Helmet Out of Milk Jugs

Whatever your preferred breed of evil might be, whether you enjoy desert living or the advantages of blending into a crowd, there are ways to purchase a helmet solution for any path you desire to take. But never before has there been such an easy way to create your very own Stormtrooper Helmet, using only two empty gallon milk jugs, ...

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Using Your Ethernet Cables To Protect Your Country

Our United States are still at war. Maybe if we had lesson human soldiers on the front line, there’d be less controversy on the subject. What can you do to protect your country? If you have some extra CAT-5 cable lying around, you can make your very own CAT-5 soldiers. If you have enough wiring, maybe you could even make ...

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