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Bluedot BTV-400K: Portable DMB TV is DMB only

You’ve seen how DMB tuners are built into your music player, PDA, phone, electronic dictionary; how about just having a DMB tuner with a screen? If you like to go back to basics, Bluedot might just have the answer for you. Announced today is the BTV-400K that does nothing but receive DMB (One-Seg) broadcast, in fact it is the world’s ...

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Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 reviewed: A sinful electronic dictionary

The Japanese tend to make things complicated. Against all odds, they decided that electronic dictionaries are better than paper, and figured out ways to assert the belief. The electronic dicionary should be goodlooking, intelligent-looking, pocketable and very expensive. In fact, the Japanese spend more time with their handsome looking electronic dictionary-cum-translators than actually learning a language for real. Sharp even ...

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DMB affordable now

It was just a while ago since we thought that Digital TV was something out of this world: amazing quality (not really), amazing coverage (nope) and premium price (not anymore). What we really care more is that we won’t miss any programs that we want, and we want them recordable, cheap, anytime and anywhere. Well, recently USB digital TV tuners ...

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