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Super Large LED Clock: Yeah, it’s huge

When they say large, what they really mean is HUGE! This Super Large LED Clock is big enough to enable the blind to see the time. Clocking in at 40″ long and 15″ wide, this is one phallic cymbal that would make Ron Jeremy envious. We’re not sure whether this was designed to be used for personal use or as ...

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Apple Cinema Displays to have HDMI technology

This might only be a rumor as of yet, but we heard through the grapevine that the next generation of Apple Cinema Displays might have HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) capability. It might not sound like much, but what HDMI allows is pretty impressive. HDMI enables the transfer of totally uncompressed streams of media, while keeping the HD goodness. Apple freaks ...

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PC and TV in one: the LG-DA70

LG revealed a new PC and new TV today. Whats so special about that? Well the fact that these two products are in fact one in the same. Thats right, LG added another PCTV to the line, this time brining Koreans into the mix. Whats different about this PCTV from others is that LG took a TV and put a ...

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BenQ FP785+ LCD monitors add some culture

Monitor’s have never been known as the prettiest gadget on the planet, but BenQ is waking up to the fact that some people want some style in their screen. Some of the FP785+’s are being produced with prints by the Eastern artist Giuseppe Castiglione, which sounds like an Italian name to us, definitely not East-Asian. Italian or not, the prints ...

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LG L226WT LCD, the first “Vista Ready” Screen

For reasons unbeknown to us, LG’s new 22″ LCD monitor comes equipped with a “Vista Ready” sticker attached on the screen. For the non-tech savvy, this could turn out to be a nightmare. “Oh God! Why does that monitor say Vista Ready, and the one I already bought for Christmas doesn’t! AHH I always get the wrong thing!”. Will this ...

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eBoy Tech Wall Poster, Spice Up Your Stucco

Perhaps the most accurate depiction of the internet ever? This poster is one hot piece of wall decoration. Nothing can support your inner geekiness more then a wall poster featuring all of the big names in the corporate internet world. Our personal favorite is the neon Foo Bar sign in the lower right corner. Wonder if they serve a smooth ...

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