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Morbidly Obese Disney Princesses

Growing up with Disney through the 90s, I thought these Disney princesses were smokin’. I don’t care if they’re animated, these were some gorgeous cartoons. But what if Disney princesses were more akin to the realities of modern America? Odds are that they wouldn’t be a size 4, I can tell you that. Ally Bellissimo of the blog Creepy Miranda ...

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Full Metal Disney: Serious Movie Scenes With Disney Voices

Try as I might, I could never quite pull off an adequate Donald Duck impression. Some people are born with the gift and some are not. Apparently R. Lee Ermey and Samuel L. Jackson are two of them who were. YouTube user dingdangler takes extremely serious movie scenes and dubs them with animated Disney voices such as Donald Duck, Mickey ...

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Hakuna Matata: Timon and Pumbaa in Real Life

So, I’m just going to assume that the Disney Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa were based off of this real life pair. Life is better that way. Well, you know what they say: “Hakuna Matata.” Ahhh, come on Pumbaa, not in front of the kids. Link

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LEGO Vignette Pays Tribute to Pixar’s “Up”

This LEGO Vignette proves that you don’t need much more than a few LEGO bricks and pieces for prove your artistic worth. LEGO master Peter Aoun created this masterfully minimilist LEGO scene which pays homage to Disney/Pixar’s most recent release, “Up,” proving once and for all that Pixar is more than a company offering a wide assortment of epic beards. ...

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Awesome Statler and Waldorf Muppets Masks

Two of my favorite all-time characters from any show or media period have been masterfully cloned by Disney. Officially licensed and insanely awesome, these Statler and Waldorf Masks let anyone imagine they’re the cranky old men with a penchant for the Muppets theater. You know what they say, if its too hot, get outta the kitchen. And these masks are ...

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Disney Zombies

While the zombie-esque Twisted Disney Princess series quenched our thirst for brain eaters temporarily, they just weren’t quite… zombie-ish enough. You can’t get much more zombie-ish then zombies though. And these Disney Zombies rate at least a 9 on the zombie rating scale. Link

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