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Jedi Disney Princesses

Disney, you have no idea what you're missing. LucasArts could have shot you right back into the geeky boys' hearts. And you drop it? Just like that? Do you have any idea how crazily obsessed us Star Wars nerds get? Nope. apparently not.

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Morbidly Obese Disney Princesses

Growing up with Disney through the 90s, I thought these Disney princesses were smokin’. I don’t care if they’re animated, these were some gorgeous cartoons. But what if Disney princesses were more akin to the realities of modern America? Odds are that they wouldn’t be a size 4, I can tell you that. Ally Bellissimo of the blog Creepy Miranda ...

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Disney Zombies

While the zombie-esque Twisted Disney Princess series quenched our thirst for brain eaters temporarily, they just weren’t quite… zombie-ish enough. You can’t get much more zombie-ish then zombies though. And these Disney Zombies rate at least a 9 on the zombie rating scale. Link

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Twisted Disney Princesses

Why couldn’t I resist these awesome Twisted Disney Princesses pieces? Well for one, they are, indeed, awesome. Number two, some of them are almost zombie-esque and you know us. We can’t resist zombies. Have you been looking for a way to scar your 5-year-old daughter for life? When she enters that inevitable princess stage, show her what real princesses are ...

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