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Mirror Image Digital Clock: Reflect on your time wasted

The Mirror Image Digital Clock might help you “reflect” on time you could of spent doing something else. Hardy har! Puns are funny. The Clock has an inverted readout on its base which then reflects into readable numbers using a mirror to project a mirror image. Because of its slightly bent face, which points downwards to the inverted numbers, the ...

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Mirrored Radiator has a built-in Digital Clock

The chill of winter might be slowly leaving its icy grip behind, but it’s never too early to start preparing for next winter. And what else would a geek use other than a radiator with a clock in it? This Tubor Mirrored Radiator is the complete definition of geek-chic. Its mirrored surface contains a back lit panel which creates a ...

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Retro Rewind: Casio Robot Alarm Clock

In the 80’s, Casio was the king of campy gadgets that they knew would make us look back from the future to giggle and prod at. The Casio Robot Alarm Clock doesn’t fail in that venture either. The stumpy, and almost awkwardly heavy-looking Robot Alarm Clock would of thrilled any child of the 80’s, both then and now. But what ...

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