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The most extreme camera test in the world: how tough are “tough” cameras?

When we talk about reviewing cameras, most people will think about the image quality, user interface, external design and so on. When those outdoor anti-drop anti-dust anti-splash cameras get reviewed, nobody seems to have the guts to actually test if the camera can really withstand what it claims it can. Chinese site PConline has tested the Olympus [mju:] 770 SW ...

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Logitech Io2 digital pen, yet another no one will buy

How many times have you wished that those notes you took could be transfered into your computer for editing? Not too many… Well, that might explain why not too many people have caught onto the digital pen idea. Not only is it awkward to hold something of this size and write with it, it is just dumb to spend $150 ...

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Microsoft releases Photo Info metadata editor

So while the world (maybe an exageration) is waiting for Windows Vista to be released, Microsoft has slipped out a little program titled Microsoft Photo Info. The names says it all. The program is meant for more serious digital photography buffs who want to edit the metadata of their photos from inside of Windows Explorer. It really has some nice ...

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Kenwood speakers go wireless

Everything now is going wireless, so maybe the creators are finally starting to realize no one likes wires all over their desk. The music is broadcast from the dock to the speakers via 2.4 GHz frequency, which basically means if you have a 2.4 GHz phone in proximity to these speakers, you�ll get sporadic noises when you�re talking on the ...

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