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d20 Dice Hand Bag

You probably won’t be able to pass this off as a man-purse, but this d20 Hand Bag seems like a fun project, even if the final product is a gift to your closest girly acquaintance. A step-by-step photo tutorial provides you with all the info you need to make you own. The pattern kit is available in two sizes, one ...

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Quite The Bus Shelter

Australia gets all the fun stuff. And by fun stuff, I mean creative-looking bus stops. This particular bus stop features an ad for the Treasury Casino and is made up of 7563 dice. That’s a lot of craps. Link (via)

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Forgot The Dice For Your Campaign? iPhone Is The Solution

Dice can be some cumbersome equipment to carry around for board games. That’s alright though, because as long as you have your iPhone on you, you’ll have a set of some topnotch dice that’ll have any D&D enthusiast drooling at your feet. It’s only 99 cents from the Apple store, after which you’ll be rolling away with your D20 Gaming ...

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