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Diablo Inventory Tetris: The Game

Anybody who has played Blizzard’s Diablo series understand all too well why the inventory system has been dubbed by the community as the “tetris inventory.” Much like Tetris, players struggle to fit their inventory blocks into perfectly organized sections for optimal space usage. At least that was the reason before the creation of Diablo Tetris. Finally, someone has created a ...

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Blizzard Working On New Franchise

While World of Warcraft is the king of the MMORPG world and Starcraft is busy keeping people in Korea busy, sometimes a little change can be good. According to the Internets, Blizz is working on a brand new franchise that will be released in MMO-form. Looking for details or a release date? Don’t hold your breath. They’ve still got Starcraft ...

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Diablo III Officially Announced

In case you fucking missed it, Blizzard spun the gaming world on its ass this weekend by announcing the long-awaited Diablo III. Along with assorted details here and there, a magnificent 20-minute gameplay video was released, showcasing graphics, environment, new classes and more. You can head on over to Blizzard.com for the real deal but I recommend hitting up ShackNews ...

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Blizzard Takes Pranking To A New Level, Thinks You’re An April Fool

Blizzard went all out this year for their April Fool’s day festivities, and I am loving it! Blizzard has released four April Fools’ themed pranks on their official website. Have you heard about the new face-melting Bard hero class in World of Warcraft which integrates Guitar Hero-like gameplay to the MMO? Or how about that Blizzard will be giving WoW ...

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Smooth Creations Diablo Gaming PC is pretty in gold and fully loaded

Equally unique and blindingly bright colored, the Smooth Creations Diablo Gaming PC has the looks to match its monster specs. The Diablo packs in a Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 processor, 2GB of RAM, two 250 GB hard drives in a RAID configuration, and two, yes two, GeForce 8800 GTX cards. If the bright yellow gold color is too much ...

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