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Longevity Drug Is A Hit With The Mice

It would be nice to never have to age into a decrepit sack of sagging flesh, but alas, that is the fate of every one of us. However, it doesn’t have to be. Science is always real reliable when it comes to doing the impossible and what’s more impossible than prolonging death? Scientists recently working with a potential longevity-enhancing drug ...

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Blood Sugar Monitor On Your Dashboard

If you’re one of the many who suffer from diabetes and your glucose levels are so sporadic that driving any distance could lead to unpredictable results, then this device is for you. Medtronic Diabetes unveiled its new car, a Lincoln equipped with a system that wirelessly associates your glucose monitor with a screen on the dashboard to make driving safer ...

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Insulin Watch Will Keep The Sugar Pumping

As the rate of obesity grows, so does the number of people with diabetes.� After watching an 8 year old clunking around a bulky insulin pump, designer Nicole Schmeidel figured there had to be an easier way to administer the life-saving fluid. The fruits of her labor yielded this Insulin Watch concept, which not only keeps the insulin pumping, but ...

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