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Rumor: Dell E Mini Notebook For $299 In August

We’ve all seen Dell’s E mini notebook that’s piss small with an 8.9-inch screen but details haven’t emerged aside from specs – until today. Rumor has it that the Dell E is going to ship sometime in August for – wait for it – an astonishing $299. At that price, you’d expect a terrible system but you’ll find decent specs ...

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Dell’s bringing seXP back

Still wary about using the new Windows Vista operating system, users have been moaning and bitching to Dell about how they wish they could still get Windows XP installed on their pre-packed PC’s. Dell has answered their prayers by reissuing XP installed computers back into their products. The consumer backlash has caused Dell to offer the option of Windows XP ...

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Confirmed: Dell to ship Linux PCs “Dude, you’re getting a Linux”

Dell has confirmed rumors that they will be offering desktop and notebook PC’s pre-installed with the Linux operating system. Details are still hazy on what models will be integrated into the Linux plan and to which Linux distribution will be available for installation, but those details are promised to be cleared up in the coming weeks. No word yet on ...

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Want Linux? Dell is beginning to understand

Linux is pickup up pace. Apple Macs are picking up even quicker. Maybe its people’s increasing frustration with the obstacles presented by Windows. It doesn’t really matter why, right now Microsoft had better deliver with Vista in a few days. With some odd timing, Dell has started to ship mainstream desktops without Windows preinstalled. Not only does this save the ...

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