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Flowers Replace Fireman For Cooking Fires

Most people are clumsy others are just plain stupid. That’s why these $39 dollar Flower Fire Extinguishers exist. It’s for those wanna-be chefs out there that like to light oil and/or alcohol ablaze to explode the flavor of their creation but only ever ends in an explosion of fire in their face. They look like decorative flowers but, much like ...

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Put Some D’Oh Into Your Monitor

OK, so they aren’t X-mas lights, but they certainly are fixing to be. Simpson fanatics who already have every Simpsons paraphernalia from wall clocks to pinball machines and even an eye-popping limited edition iPod design, will be happy to know that they can now decorate their computer monitor with Homer. This mini-bulb strand consists of nine little Homers, all powered ...

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