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iPhone 4 “End Call” Antenna Decal

The ironic thing about this End Call decal is that once the decal is put over the antenna, touching that area will no longer interfere with your signal. I love the idea, I really do. And oddly enough, if Apple decided to officially license this decal, it would probably make a lot of money. Especially at $29 a pop. But, ...

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Heal Your iPhone 4’s Wounds with Antenn-aids

Poor iPhone 4. Born with an open wound. Bound to a destiny of dropped calls and low bars. All because of an injury that could have been healed if handled by the right engineers. iPhone 4, your life was cut short and it’s not fair. We understand. And that’s why we have every intention of covering your wounds with Antenn-aids. ...

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Scandal!: “Steve Knew” Tune In Tommorow For Apple’s Tell-All Presser

Scandal. Outrage. Schadenfreude. All words easily used to describe Apple’s little iPhone 4 situation. Rumors today suggested that Steve Jobs was well aware of the iPhone 4’s reception issues, possibly as early as last year in the very early design stages of the device’s development, thanks to a heady antennae expert by the name of Ruben Caballero. A “carrier partner” ...

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