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Huh? What? I Can’t Hear You!

CAN YOU SPEAK UP A BIT?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! NO, NOT AT ALL! Developed by the Dutch Army during World War I and II, these Acoustic Listening Devices were expected to be used as part of their air defense system. And they were undoubtedly a rousing success.

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Shake-Up Headphones For The Deaf

While most people won’t understand the use in creating a pair of headphones for the deaf, designer Pierre-Antoine Bouzard hears a different tune. In his latest design, Shake-Up, special headphones are worn by the user who’s deaf. Different tones and vibrations are then emitted in an attempt to let the user “feel” the music. And by “feel the music,” Bouzard ...

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Alarme Is Helen Keller-Chic

Alarme is a concept watch made for the hearing impaired. While we love poking fun at the handicapped just like any other average scum bag, we would never wish death upon one because of their disability (unless they were really, really mean cripples.) Alarme is unique in the fact that it can alert those who cannot hear an audible alarm ...

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