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Decorate Your Yard With The Living-Dead

There is no better way to have the feds on to you than dead bodies climbing out of your yard. Living-Dead bodies that is. Artist Alan Dickinson, master of self-incrimination, has created his most haunting image of yard sculptures to date. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors let’s all your neighbors know that you’re one sick puppy. This zombie could burrow ...

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Alkaline Hydrolysis: Tearin’ Up Bodies Quicker Than A Chainsaw

Step aside, boring old-fashioned burials. Move along, air-polluting cremation. A new way of disposing (not preserving) the dead has been proposed for human beings. Previously reserved for animals, it’s called Alkaline Hydrolysis and it involves the dissolution of bodies in a highly concentrated compound. Then, the body is essentially pressure cooked until all that remains is a coffee-colored liquid. Delicious! ...

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