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Labor Day Linkage

We’re taking most of the day off for Labor Day but we didn’t want to leave you, our loyal reader, empty handed! Here’s a handful of good reads to keep you busy. Tom Anderson is a former hacker (yes, THAT Tom) The skinny on hacking iPod displays MythBusters are always doing wild shit Colin Farrell: Professional Lifesaver Google’s cafeteria offers ...

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$300,000 Watch Doesn’t Tell Time, But Transcends Time and Space

Though the fundamentally awesome concept of time and space appears intriguing to both stoners and astrophysicists, only one of two groups can afford this particular watch. Designed by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome, the Day&Night watch offers (wait for it) only two modes of time: day and night. The Wall Street Journal explains how it works in exceptional detail: The watch ...

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