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Customer Dissatisfaction Regarding iPhone Rate Plans

With the iPhone 3G just around the corner, an online petition was formed regarding Rogers’ iPhone 3G pricing plans which attracted over 41,000 signatures. Service plans were announced to start at $60 for just 150 voice minutes. The gripe is regarding the lack of an unlimited data plan, which is essential for a phone which thrives on data. Also, unconfirmed ...

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LEGO USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle

Messing with LEGOs is good times, even if you’re 53. That’s why some geek in Germany turned a few 2×2 transparent bricks (of a variety of colors) into high speed Bluetooth adapters. On sale in limited quantity, these bricks are priced at about $50 before shipping and handling. They’ll give you that “I’m an 8-year-old!” look and at the same ...

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Proof In The Cards: T-Mobile 3G Hits NYC Tomorrow

Live in pixelated New York, use T-Mobile and own a UMTS-enabled device unlike your dinky F1 phone? Starting tomorrow, Big-T is rolling out its long overdue 3G network in the US. NYC is the first city to get it and as you can read on this employee e-mail sent to T-Mobile stores across the US. Bitchin’ data transfer speeds, bitchin’ ...

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Giant USB Duplicator: Pirating Made Easy

Whether you be a corporate type just trying to find an easy way to share data with employees or really want to pirate loads of Radiohead’s USB albums, the Giant USB Duplicator offers the chance to copy data to 20 USB drives all at once in one illegal shot. I also wonder if some hardware hacker can mod this device ...

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Matsushita showcases data transfer via visible light

When the term “data beaming” was coined, people can’t help but to think that there’s an actual beam between 2 devices that travels and carries the data across. In actual fact this does not happen unless you wear infrared-enabled night spectacles. This morning National (Matsushita) demonstrated the new Visible Light Communications technology (VLC) at the International Lighting Fair. As the ...

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