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DARPA-made Robot is Basically a Balloon Filled with Coffee Grounds

Coffee has all sorts of untapped potential, as we saw with the Nespresso-powered clocks and radio. DARPA takes a handful of sweet caffeine-assisted glory with this mechanical coffee grounds-filled balloon. I know, it sounds like the leftovers of a futuristic Starbucks office party, but the resulting product is actually a helpful gripper which sucks objects into its crushed coffee grounds ...

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Batteries Will One Day Be Smaller Than a Grain of Sand

When you think about batteries, two things come to mind; sitting out in the cold, waiting for your car batteries to be jumped, and the clunky lithium-ion batteries we’ve come to know and love as the life force of our gadgets. Research funded by DARPA is pushing the limits of battery technology in an effort to create the smallest batteries ...

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All your VoxTec Phraselator P2 are belong to us

Its name might make you think it’s some cheesy prop from a sci-fi movie, but the Phraselator P2 is no joke. Created by DARPA , the Phraselator can quickly translate your spoken English into any almost any language of your choosing. The P2 model showcases a wind and shock resistant case that works smooth in any climate. Its 20 hour ...

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The Pentagon wants a liquid robot

The Pentagon’s own DARPA has put out a call to the public for a design concept for a shape-shifting “chemical” robot that would be able to liquify and squeeze into small areas. This robot would have static dimensions that could be changed on command, much like the robot unit from Terminator 2. The militairy already uses robots in a variety ...

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