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Makeshift Travel Adapter is the Epitome of Fire Hazard

If you happen to be traveling overseas you’re going to want to bring your travel adapter, or you might end up like this guy. There are plenty of places where tourists can pick up adapters in other countries, but not if you get into your hotel at 3 a.m. with a phone in need of a charge. With a few ...

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A Power Strip Made for Dunking in Water? Sounds Safe Enough

The Waterproof Power Strip by Water Circuits utilizes a special design and a protective material, which when used in tandem, reduces the electrical flow when doused in water. The power strip can be safely submerged in water for 2 hours and live to tell the tale. Though I have to admit, it’s me living that I’m more concerned about. I ...

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The Prometheus Device Lets You Shoot Fire From the Palm of Your Hand

Everett Bradford created this insanely awesome “Prometheus Device” which lets you shoot fire from a hand-mounted flame thrower. The device makes you feel like a real superhero, or supervillain, for whichever purpose you decide to use your new found powers, good or evil, is up to you. Bradford’s also done a great job documenting the building process, but of course, ...

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The Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Who needs genetic manipulation? A giant rope can have equally deadly effects. The Shelephant is on the prowl and searching for blood. This sort of reminds me of the greatest and weirdest high-five ever. Link [via]

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A True Godsend: In-Car Pizza Oven

Holy shit. Do you see what I see? I think so. It looks like a fucking pizza oven that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Amazing. Forget delivery; I can only imagine going 80 down I-95 while popping in a fresh DiGiorno with the works. What will they think of next? $36 and an extra $100 a month on your ...

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Put Yourself In Indiana’s Shoes

Have you got a death wish? Much like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, you can prepare to meet Kali in Hell while risking your life to cross this bridge. It’s a long way down, so it’s best to keep your eyes on the prize. The prize being arriving on the other side safe and sound. While crossing, don’t ...

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