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The Stormtrooper Boogie: Imperial Soldiers Gone Wild

Ever wondered what would happen if a Stormtrooper were to land in downtown Shibuya? Well, apparently it leads to an all-out Stormtrooper dance party. Danny Choo and his band of video recording nerds set off to host the dance party of the century. Sadly, some camera malfuncions led to the crew not getting as much footage as they wanted. But ...

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Air Genie: The flying, reflecting orb

Today must be the day of oddities. The Air Genie is a flying orb shaped screen which has video cameras built in to reflect it’s surroundings. We think that its some sort of ploy for advertising, kind of like the Goodyear Blimp, but extremely high tech. The diameter of the sphere is 115 feet with a massive volume of 792,764 ...

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