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Female Daleks Exist, They’re Just Embarassed To Go Outdoors

…and I don’t blame them. If I was designed to look like a robotic, extermination Hello Kitty, I wouldn’t want to show my face (wait, do Daleks have faces) outdoors either. Designer Joseph Senior created this Hello Kitty Dalek rendering using an artistic eye, good design software and plenty of rainbows and sugar plum fairies. Luckily for them, female Daleks ...

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Dalek Birthday Cake

Even if you don’t regularly spend your birthday in and out of police boxes, you’ve got to hand it to Stacked Cakes for creating this ultra-realistic Dalek Cake, inspired by Doctor Who’s most reviled arch-nemesis, complete with moving and swiveling parts. Standing 22″ high and weighing nearly 20 kg, this cake could probably feed the entire planet of Skaro. And ...

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