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Cyclops Sunglasses Will Never Come in 3D

The life of a cyclops is a sad one. No 3D, limited peripheral vision… what’s the point? Two words: Cyclops Sunglasses. In fact, these glasses are made for us bi-optical peeps (sorry, one-eye, them be the ropes). Air in my lungs, food in my tummy, two eyes on my face… life is good. Link

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The Anatomy of a Mermaid and Other Cryptids

I’ve always sort of wondered how mermaid anatomy works. I figured it would be similar to human biology, just because of the resemblance of our upper bodies, but it’s nice to finally know the specifics, such as the location of the mermaid’s weird-lookin’ vag. I’m confident that this chart was designed by some of the finest marine biologists alive today. ...

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DIY Dead Space Action Figures

Designing your own action figure shows that you have a lot of dedication and heart for a particular comic/video game/series/whatever. Usually the best way to go about designing your own action figure is to start with another model and modify it. This is exactly how creator Chris Hooton designed Isaac from Dead Space. He took an old Cyclops figure from ...

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