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Custom Segway: Pimpin’ Your Personal Ride

The Segway has been used in many ways, even as a mobile baby carriage pusher (or as I like to call it, the lazy bitch mobile), but we’ve yet to see some real custom Segway rides. SegwayJunkyard has put together some impressive custom Segway devices, including the Night Rider (pictured left) and a special Segway made for LG (pictured right). ...

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Guitar Hero II custom songs now possible

So you’ve heard of Guitar Hero and its recent release of its second iteration on the PS2. If not, just think of Dance Dance Revolution (DRR), and Guitar Hero is DDR for rockers. So while the release of Guitar Hero 2 isn’t news anymore, the ability to do custom songs definately is. The people at the Scorehero forums have figured ...

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