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Can Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Strengthen Global Economy?


Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock proudly wears the label "The most hated man on Wall Street." His position as one of the most important supporter of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin was cemented when Overstock became the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin. Recently Byrne was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Bitcoin conference. There he shared his thoughts on how Bitcoin fits into the development of liberal philosophy.

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Super Mario Lincoln

A man of many identities, Lincoln was ashamed to showcase his geeky side, even if that geekiness happened to be a century ahead of his time. Let’s thank Secretary of the Treasury Joe D! for providing us with this excellent rendition of the greatest president ever. Link

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Bald Dollars: Blame It On the Economy

You don’t need a degree in economic theory to feel the strain of the economy. Just check your mutual funds. Check your stocks. Hell, check your damn wallet. The strain is bound to make our hair fallout. Seems like our currency has felt it the most. Even the images of our forefathers are looking a little stressed out. Need some ...

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Laser-etched Currency

Scott Campbell has a laser-etching machine and a lot of cash to blow. Know how I can tell? The sonofabitch took a bunch of ones (c’mon, go for the Benjamins), stacked them up and cut them into various designs. I love the skull. The best part is the name he came up with for his series of art: Make It ...

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Nuts and Bolts Tighten With Money

Fishing around for the right size wrench or screwdriver is always a huge pain in the ass. Rob Maslin must agree since he decided to design some bolts that screw in using standard currency. Though it works best with hex coins, the idea could easily be applied to fit American coins and maybe even those nifty spy coins. The real ...

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Celebrity Money

I can’t read French but I’m sure our publisher Steve Rufer would be more than happy to translate. All I can gather is that someone took pictures of movie stars and merged them with money. This is a pretty sweet but where’s the Mel Gibson photo with the $1 bill?

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Sittin’ Pretty: Couch Made From 6400 Nickels

Some people have a taste for the luxurious lifestyle while others just like to sit in their money. For the latter, there’s this amazing couch made from 6400 nickels. With over 35,000 welds and 350 feet of stiffing rods, this piece of furniture is truly a work of diligence and patience. The couch weighs about 125 pounds, so bring a ...

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