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Stuffed MST3K Tom Servo Doll Was Crocheted By Hand

In the not too distant future, next Sunday A.D., there was a guy named Joel, not too different from you and me. To make a long story short, he was abducted by a mad scientist and put into space with a collection of ultra-hysterical robots, most notably Tom Servo and Crow. Cambot and Gypsy had their place, but let’s be ...

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MST3K Lives On Through YouTube

For those not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, shame on you. A man and two robots trapped on a satellite forced to watch terrible movies sums it up. While most of the humor was displayed during the trash films that played throughout each episode of the show, there were intermissions between commercials. One of the more memorable moments is ...

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Bird’s Ass View Is The New Bird’s Eye View

Here is another case of birds being tortured by humans in the name of tech. A research team at the University of Oxford is trying to get a better idea of how crows behave in the wild. And what better way to accomplish this than to attach cameras near its ass. The ass camera already discovered that crows use tools, ...

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