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UK Plans On Making Everyone A Cop

“The public are the best weapon for fighting crime,” says United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith after introducing a new approach to criminal statistical surveillance earlier this month. Once police in England and Wales started publishing their monthly crime statistics, giving the public more information on local crime information, they knew they had to take it one step further. The ...

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Cops Bust Massive DVD Piracy Ring In Texas

Ever wonder where your bootleg movies come from? If you live near Texas chances are they might have been made at a house in Fort Worth where the police just shut down a huge DVD counterfeiting ring. After receiving a complaint from a neighbor who saw a lot of late night activity at the house, the cops searched the place ...

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Brooklyn Bodega Stocks Crack Pipe Pens

During the course of their neverending quest to get high, crackheads are often forced to play amateur scientists. They mix chemicals, experiment on their bodies, and make stoves out of common household products. Perhaps the most well-known piece of crack addict lab equipment is the glass pipe. Recently, I noticed a new twist on this infamous piece of drug paraphernalia ...

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