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Credit Card Rainbow Collage: Debt is Beautiful

Credit cards don’t mean much these days. For awhile they were so easy to get and use, despite your financial situation, that they have become a second currency, albeit a worthless one. Made using thousands of credit cards, freecards, discount carts and gift cards, the Credit Card Rainbow displays the varied colors of debt, in all of its majesty. Commissioned ...

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DIY iPhone Stand Will Eliminate Debt

Have a spending problem? Recession got you in a pinch? Go grab your wallet and your iPhone and I’ll teach you how to kill two things with one stone. Grab two credit cards from your wallet, preferably the two that still need to be paid off. Good, now get some scissors ’cause you’re cutting these fuckers up. Follow the instructions ...

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iCache lets you ditch all of your plastic cash

Are those credit cards pileing up in your wallet? Well, first off, you probably shouldn’t have that many cards, but if you insist, there might be something to come to your rescue. The iCache lets you register your credit cards online so that all of those credit cards can stay at home. The iCache keeps your card info secure (of ...

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