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Squid Hat Attack!

Yes! Just in time for winter comes a hat that will surely satisfy your tentacle fetish. They are hats that resemble squid and are handmade by Mike, aka MikeST on Flickr. Two of the tentacles contain mittens; a neat feature on headwear that’s already pretty creative! Link [via]

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LEGO Vending Machine

Whoa, whoa. Hold up. The title of this post could be seen as deceptive. I swear, these are not my intentions. I just had to show you Nick Dean’s LEGO creation that features a vending machine made out of LEGOs. There’s a bill reader included on the side and even mini-plastic packaging for the ammo clips and supplies that await ...

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Guitar Hero On A Bike

I put this up in Afternoon Linkage but what the hell, it’s entertaining enough to demand a post. It’s a guy doing Guitar Hero on a bicycle. I can’t explain but it’s very well done. Watch. Link [via]

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Adobe Sets CS4 Launch Date

Meme-makers and graphics designers alike are going to have a great September this year. Adobe has just announced that it’s latest update to the Creative Suite series of products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) will be released September 23rd. The update, CS4, will contain the long-awaited Photoshop CS4, which will be available in a 64-bit Windows version. That doesn’t make much sense ...

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Genuine Creative SE2300 Wireless Headphones; No wires!

Well if you didn�t get the Borat innuendo in the title, sucks for you; Anyways, Creative just came out with the SE2300 Wireless Headphones. These headphones are perfect for those of you who just happen to somehow get all tangled up every time you dance to your iPod; that could be the fact that you can�t dance, but for this ...

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