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R/C Putter Bot Putts So You Won’t Have To Leave Your Seat

Remember that R/C Tortoise and the Swashbot, from the folks at Crabfu? They’re still hard at it, coming up with some awesome new robots. The latest on the line is the Putter Bot, a remote-controlled golfing robot. Actually, make that putting robot as I doubt this little guy is capable of a long drive without a driver. Getting through the ...

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SwashBot Can’t Save Your Life On The Battlefield

There are plenty of robots that are a hell of a lot more useful then Swashbot. Hell, there are a lot of robots that are even cuter then this mini-insectoid, yet there is something alluring about the DIY SwashBot. A certain charm, if you will. Constructed using spare R/C helicopter bits, including four servos, a receiver, a battery pack, LEDs, ...

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