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360 Degree Camera Prototype By Olympus

Olympus Japan today announced the development of the worlds first 360 degree lens and camera prototype. With a vertical coverage of 180 degrees this camera is a boon to surveillance systems everywhere.� This camera won’t miss a thing as it can cover every possible angle so long as the room isn’t too asymmetrical. No word from Olympus if the prototype ...

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DoCoMo’s network puts ATT and Vodafone to shame

  Japan’s largest mobile operator NTT DoCoMo announced this morning that for the first time in the world, they have managed a 100% population 3G coverage with their WCDMA network. The last 2 villages with reception towers installed are both in Okinawa, where they don’t even speak proper Japanese. The towers will be powered up on Mar28. Take note that ...

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External cellphone antenna for crappy indoor coverage

One of the reasons of choosing a cellphone operator over another would be coverage, but no matter how good the network is there are always blind spots, this is especially true when you are 3G users (higher frequency lower diffraction), out of the city center, or even in your own room sometimes. NTT DoCoMo has got it figured out and ...

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