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Stoplight Visually Counts Down the Seconds Until Go Time

There’s a reason everyone’s always trying to rush ahead of everyone else on the road. No one likes to get stuck at a stoplight unless they need to adjust their sack or something. The color red is considered torture to many impatient drivers. The Eko Stoplight includes a circular ticker which counts down the intervals until the light will turn ...

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Instant Noodle Perfection Timer won’t leave you with limp noodles

Do you find yourself constantly striving to get the perfect time and temperature to cook your instant noodles? I mean, sure, sometimes you forget that your noodles are done and wind up eating a cold and nasty dinner of instant noodles, and they taste like shit reheated. The Instant Noodle Perfection Timer reminds you of when your noodles are done. ...

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Countdown for Bush keychain

Here’s a gadget for anyone counting down the seconds until Bush is out of office, which is about 70% of you if recent approval rating polls are accurate. With the upcoming 2008 election looming ahead and campaigns already in full force, there’s nothing like a nice reminder to keep you chugging through the current administration. Bush has something like 600 ...

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