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The Tragic Cost of Google Pac-Man

When Google unleashed their custom version of Pac-Man on the world, in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary, they must not have realized the tremendous amount of time it would suck away from the lives of their disciples. And if they did know, then their “don’t be evil” motto must no longer be in use. Here are some of the ...

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Buying An iPod Touch Can Be Hazardous To Your Wallet

Not going to lie here. I picked up a 16GB iPod Touch from Apple on Black Friday for a pretty cheap $279 after taxes. I’m hooked. Addicted. I can’t put the damn thing down. It seems I also managed to go on an app buying spree. Hit the jump to see all the shit I bought/downloaded off iTMS in a ...

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To Trash or Not to Trash Your Printer

In this day in age, you can walk into any big-box office store like Staples or Office Depot and pick up a printer for under $75 most of the time. For instance, I was able to procure a Canon all-in-one-style printer last year for $55 on sale. Problem is, after the ink cartridges (which, rumor has it, come only half-filled ...

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