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Hooray For A Very Happy Up And Coming New Year Event

Looking for a way to impress all of the females at your New Years party but not tech savvy enough to make your own robot? Well, there will be plenty of champagne at your party, so why not turn those wasted corks into miniature chairs. The girls will think they’re cute and by showing them your creative side — the ...

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DIY Headphones Found on Flickr

Over on Flickr, user j.rusten decided to craft his own pair of headphones. Constructed with a vintage look in mind, the cups are made of layered cork with a green plastic shell. The final result? A cross between Grado and an Air Force pilot’s headset. The drivers used only cost $50, so I’d imagine you could design your own pair ...

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Come on in, uncork yourself a chair!

This Cork Chair continues the trend of building furniture with unorthodox items. This chair is made of logs made of corks. There’s really only so much that can be said about something like this. So let’s just let the image do the talking, shall we? — Andrew Dobrow Link [via]

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