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Steampunk Toilet

My shit doesn’t only smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, it’s also made out of 100% pure copper and oak. Seriously, I’m so steampunk my wooden feces are literally metal-plated. The TeslaPunk Urinal is a handmade solid oak toilet tank, complete with a battery powered flush pump, a laser aiming assistant (aim at the laser dot in the bowl ...

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Sci-Fi Shades of Sheet Metal

What happens when you give a couple of nerds some copper, a CNC plasma torch and a lot of time? Simple. You wind up with a set of copper masks that look like they’re right out of Star Trek. The shades are actually based on a 2000-year-old design by the Inuit, an artic tribe from back in the day. I’d ...

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Steampunk iPod

Touch? Touch is new school and us steampunk aficionados don’t like no stinkin’ touch! This old school iPod features the steampunking work of one Neal Bridgens. Adding wood, brass and copper to the device, he transformed Apple’s beloved music player into an ancient creation. It was created from scratch and if you have enough cash, Neal will whip one up ...

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Workout Equipment With A Not-so Average Cup Holder

Forget going to the gym to save the environment. If you’ve got the equipment, why not put it to good use by modding an exercise bike to chill and heat stuff simultaneously for your own benefit? This guy did it and now look at him, he’s shredding pounds and chilling beers. That’s right, the integrated pair of copper wires that ...

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Pipe Dream 3D!? You Wish!

A French designer named Vivien Muller has come up with a strange new take on a traditional heating system. Dubbed the “Octocube”, this 14″ cube is comprised solely of 90-degree copper tubing with elbows that serve as a radiator for large surface areas. It’s also said to fit anywhere without looking tacky. What makes this particular radiator unique is the ...

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