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The 12 Coolest Extreme Clocks That You’ll Never Own

Clocks are one of those gadgets that we don’t realize how important they are to our lives until we are left without one. Luckily, most cellphones these days come with a clock and alarm built right in, but for some people, this just isn’t enough. Some of us need that little (or sometimes, huge) extra boost of motivation to pull ...

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BBQ Fan and Light: Because Our Hair Is Too Perfect To Get Sweaty

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and that means whipping out the old grill for some Fourth of July barbecue. Mmm…ribs. The temperature can get pretty steamy in these seasons, but not nearly as hot as when you are cooking over the grill. Some people hate the heat so much they resort to cooking their burgers in less ...

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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/08/07

Moon In My Room [Boing Boing] – Not the sort of full moon we’d like in our beds, but cool nonetheless. Yoshitomo Nara Clock [SweatyFrog] – A really cool clock design using 84 art pieces by the artist. Low-Res Man [Core77] – Made out of 1cm acrylic glass cubes, this human figure looks to be a 3D model of a ...

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Belkin Cooling Stand protects your balls (and your laptop)

Laptop’s overheating has become a big problem recently. With all the problems with batteries exploding in your lap (no more children for you), here is a solution to help you keep your laptop from burning you up. So here’s the sitution: you just got your new desktop replacement laptop with a 17″ display and the best graphics cards to couple ...

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