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Robot Controlled By Private Eyes

We’ve seen robots controlled by all kinds of applications. From your standard remote control to innovative path finding methods, robots are sharing more and more traits with their creators. Take this latest bot based upon the LEGO NXT system. Using multiple webcams, software analyzes video of your pupils staring in a specific direction and then sends the robot in the ...

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Internet-controled Halloween Lights

Ready to party like it’s 1998 again? Damn straight. Check out Alek Komarnitsky’s Halloween light expose above. Very nice and elaborate, no? Alek took the awesomeness one step further by rigging the electronics of his light show up with X10, which is a protocol used to control home automation systems and lights. If that didn’t sound good, what if I ...

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Remote Controlled Zombie. Period.

An awesome way to scare your grandmother for Resident Evil fans! This remote controlled zombie by The Chainsaw Mafia is a one-button controlled moaner straight out of a Romero flick. It’s operated by a controller shaped as a brain – how cool is that? Almost as effective at scaring away neighborhood cats with the radio controlled lawn mower, one click ...

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