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Nissan NV200 Concept For The Traveling Salesman

If you’ve been looking for a transport headquarters for your company, you’ve come to the right place. The Nissan NV200 concept car is a mobile transport vehicle for packing along an entire workstation with this rolling job site. While the boxy van design won’t do much for the eye, what matters lies on the inside of the vehicle. A complete, ...

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Concept car looks like a reverse tricycle

Here’s a really cool looking concept car made by a pure amateur found on Coroflot portfolios. The car doesn’t have a name or any specs, but the design was eye-catching enough to encourage us to reveal him to the public. Matus Prochaczka has a passion for automobile design and this concept car shows the passion to be one he works ...

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Venturi Eclectic: The world’s first energy self-sufficient car

Venturi has announced its concept car, for now named Eclectic. A fully self-sufficient and autonomous energy vehicle that gets fuel from only natural occuring processes. The solar, wind, and electric powered Eclectic is being designed to make hybrid cars look like a truck with a broken exhaust pipe in comparison. With its 2.5 meters of photovoltaic cells, at least one ...

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