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USB Microscope: So Nerdy It Hurts

What could possibly be a better gift for your family science nerd? This USB Microscope, Webcam, Hub combo gadget is nerdy to the tenth power (rather than nerdy to the V8 power). Want to take a closer look at the soda cap that has been sitting under your desk for the last three years? Here’s a way to do so. ...

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Study: 30 inch screens increase efficiency and productivity…obviously

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty sir! A new study released shows that having a larger computer screen can increase efficiency and productivity compared to smaller screens. Well, you don’t say? Could it have something to do with having A LOT more room?! Don’t answer that question. It’s meant to be rhetorical. Gains in productivity were not only seen in the ...

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The Microsoft eToilet: a throne for the digestively challenged

Some people are so extremely busy that serious harm is caused to their digestive system by the long waits they put themselves through to use the toilet as they stare idly into the computer screen. Other people just have a hard time holding it in and have to run to the toilet 40 times a day. For those of you ...

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