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Mr. T’s Mohawk Class And Other New WoW Commericials

Blizzard has added a set of new World Of Warcraft commercials to their official WoW site. So far they have posted versions with Mr. T, who claims to have a Night Elf Mohawk, despite the lack of a Mohawk class (though Mr. T claims to have expert computer skills), and William Shatner making his own appearance, admitting to being ...

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Verizon LG enV VX9900 Commercials

The newest generation of Verizon’s answer to the Sidekick looks like an absolute joy to work with. The LG line of micro SD phones has had their problems in the past, but the VX9900 is looking great compared to the original release of the LG “The V”. The VX9900 now comes with a 2 megapixel camera and additional productivity tools ...

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