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Knife Combs Allow You To Murder With Flawless Hair

Assisted by your favorite brand of hair spray, these knife combs are unstoppable. The “Comb-At” and “Combmando” combs allow you to whack a dirty, narc cockroach and still maintain your perfectly sculpted hairdo. Designed by Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani (“Comb-At”) and Thailand’s Studiobo (“Combmando”), the knife combs are made for the stylish hitman. Perfect for the fashion-conscious murdering sociopath who ...

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Games I Dream I’m In

We all have games that indirectly inspire our dreams. There may be even some that give us nightmares. Some games you can’t help but wish you were the main character of just so you can get with the princess at the end of the story. Hit the jump to see the games that I dream I’m in, whether it be ...

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