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Hot Jack Mug

A genius design that is based on the basics of temperature. The Hot Mug is your standard coffee-carrier with a sleek black finish and the words “COLD” printed on the side. Pour a cup of brew and next thing you know, the words “HOT” have appeared and your mug is whiter than an NYU Law party. Simple design, big bold ...

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You Drink, You Drive, You Spill

Ford’s 2009 Flex has a $760 option to equip your car with a fridge and/or freezer in the backseat. This makes those long hauls upstate more luxurious as you’ll be making less pit-stops for food with one of these equipped in your ride. The compartment isn’t large but it is capable of holding seven 12-ounce cans or even four half-liter ...

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Nao Tamura concept phone for KDDI freezes hell over

Concept designs are what make us all wish that the artists would keep to themselves until the products were ready to be launched. This is exactly the case with the concept phone for KDDI by Nao Tamura. With a completely transparent shell, this phone lets you see innards, all of ’em. In addition, because the hardware is completely silver, the ...

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SnoWonder creates snow in your living room

Everyone loves snow right? Well, everyone loves the concept of snow and the amazing photos is makes for, but barely anyone likes the freezing temperatures it requires to even be present. SnoWonder takes care of the temperature problem of snow, so it doesn’t turn into a puddle of dirty water when you want to be in a warm living room ...

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