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JavaBot Is Its Own All-In-One Starbucks

Going to Starbucks every morning for your daily caffeine enema can get to be a hassle if you live in a busy area. Yeah, sure, there are Starbucks’ all over the place, but that doesn’t mean one of the cafes isn’t more clogged then another. With the help of JavaBot, coffee shops might have an extra set of hands gears ...

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Handpresso Saves You From A “Lack Of Caffeine” Driven Murder Spree

Caffeine addicts have a rough time when they don’t get their daily intravenous coffee injection. Some people might display signs of extreme fatigue, irritability, grumpiness, and we’ve even seen a glint of homicidal tendencies in the eyes of those coffee fiends. They just need it, anyway they can. The Handpresso is a portable espresso maker, supposedly able to whip up ...

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Drink Selector Mug Aids Your Slave In Serving The Right Drink

I take my coffee like I take my woman. Bitter, with a dash of hazelnut and a pair of work boots to the testes. The Drink Selector Mug offers interchangeable rotating bands which clearly states which drink contents you are currently interested in. And while it can’t deliver a brute face bashing or scare you into saving the environment, it ...

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