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DARPA-made Robot is Basically a Balloon Filled with Coffee Grounds

Coffee has all sorts of untapped potential, as we saw with the Nespresso-powered clocks and radio. DARPA takes a handful of sweet caffeine-assisted glory with this mechanical coffee grounds-filled balloon. I know, it sounds like the leftovers of a futuristic Starbucks office party, but the resulting product is actually a helpful gripper which sucks objects into its crushed coffee grounds ...

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Nespresso Capsules Used to Create Coffee Powered Batteries

Vienna designers Mischer�Traxler, also of Automatic Cake Decorator fame, used 700 used Nespresso coffee capsules, coffee grounds, strips of copper and salt water to create these coffee powered batteries. The batteries were used to power clocks at the 2010 Vienna Design Week. Six of the batteries connected together are enough to power a tiny clock. The whole collection of batteries ...

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Coffee Ashtray Merges Coffee and Cigarettes Closer Than Ever

Many are familiar with this essential pair. What would the morning be without a cigarette and a strong cup of hot joe? Miserable is what it would be. Mixing your love for coffee, carcinogens, and saving the Earth, this Coffee Ashtray is a green alternative to the material of your other ashtrays, made with compressed coffee grounds. Just as long ...

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