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OpenStomp Open Source Guitar Pedal

There are plenty of software-based guitar solutions for guitarists but how many of them are open source? Very little, to be quite frank. Enter OpenStomp, an open source FX pedal solution for developers and players. The model above, the Coyote-1, can hook up to Windows so parameters can be edited on the fly. Sounds a lot like a MIDI-based solution ...

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Use the Konami Code on Google

Are you that guy who needed 30 lives to beat the original Contra? We know you and so does Google apparently. Google has taken your favorite cheat code of all time (you sly bastard) and integrated it into Google Apps. To check out the Easter Egg, you’ll need to login to your Google account, bring up Google Reader (Ryan confirmed ...

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Binary Watch Makes Telling Time A Hassle

You could be the biggest nerd ever and still have trouble telling someone the time with this watch. I mean just because you still play Doom doesn’t mean you can form sentences in binary code, right? Fine, I’ll admit it. I’ve been too lazy as of late to learn binary. That’s why you deserve this fine Binary Watch from a ...

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