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Cocktail Robot is Not Impressed With Your Choice of Beverage

I’d love if this thing could actually respond to your drink requests. Like “wait… you’re a man right? What’s with the fruity cocktail Mr. Tough Guy?” The aptly named Drink Making Unit can mix drinks with up to three components. An 8×8 RGB LED matrix is integrated for use as a data display, and an ice bucket chills your drink as ...

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Cocktail Chemistry

Now you can act like a mad scientist all while secretly being a complete drunk. This $40 Cocktail Chemistry set features a drink shaker, as well as some test tubes and a beaker all with laboratory logos slapped on ’em. Mix some battery acid, Jack Daniels and seltzer water together and you’ve got yourself a Dirty Hyde. It’s a drink ...

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Another Stunning Rube Goldberg Machine

So you’ve seen the Star Wars Rube and the perhaps that viral ad Cadbury did with the eggs. Now we’ve found a Rube Goldberg machine that most Americans would be proud to build. It’s none other than a cocktail-mixing machine! But not just any cocktail… This Rube Goldberg machine makes sheer delight out of the process of mixing a Falling ...

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