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Full-flight Simulators For Rich Rookie Pilots

I know a lot of you out there are nuts about flying. It’s an expensive hobby, but someone’s got to do it. How else would I be able to get to Bangladesh? If you’re crazy about flying and I mean straight loony about it, then you won’t be afraid to learn how to fly all by yourself. Just kidding. No ...

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First Ever Commodore 64 LAN Party

For a software platform that was discontinued 14 years ago, the Commodore 64’s legacy and fan base is still going strong. The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club’s held its 2008 C=4 Expo at the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky from June 28-29. In celebration of the LAN party status at C=4, a new Commodore 64 game was unveiled, called NetRacer. ...

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Nightclub On Wheels: So Fun, Only A Hummer Limo Could Pack It All In

A nightclub on wheels should be no surprise in the day of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Laziness in return for luxury is becoming the norm around the A-List teeny-boppers, and a Hummer night club couldn’t make that any clearer unless then Hummer fell flat on your head (which would also hurt pretty bad). The Triple Axle 8 Wheel Hummer ...

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Nightglasses, Corey Hart knew what he was talking about after all

You didn’t realize the joke in “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night”, did you? Luckily for you, you now get to be the only person in the group of your friends to think that these glasses will make you as cool as Corey Hart. The glasses (not sunglasses) really show off their abilities when you step into the clubs with ...

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