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The End of Circuit City

Gizmodo has a few pictures of the last day of Circuit City. Inside? Nothing but fixtures that were apparently sold to a local Best Buy store. I bet Best Buy employees get free cake today. Mmmm, cake. Link

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Circuit City Files For Bankruptcy

I really don’t see much of a future for Circuit City. If it’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, replacing CEOs, closing stores and losing cash, explain to me how the company is supposed to survive. Says Bloomberg: On Sept. 29, Circuit City reported a loss of $239.2 million that was more than triple from a year earlier after sales fell ...

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Beat A Dead Horse: Circuit City Closing 155 Stores

Best Buy sucks but Circuit City has fucked up so bad in the past five years, that it now has to close 155 stores. An official letter got sent over to Consumerist today, detailing the arrangement. Employees will not be getting any severance either, it seems. With its stock trading under $1 at many times, Circuit City has got to ...

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