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Jay and Silent Bob Bookends

Would you like to hold my books, Berserker? For $129, you can score one of these Limited Edition Jay and Silent Bob bookend sets. Only 1500 are being made from Graphittidesign and I’m guessing they know damn well there’s over 1500 people in the United States who would pay $129 for some Clerks-related bookends. Link (via)

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Clerks Wii Case Mod: I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

We’ve seen our share of awesome Wii-themed mods, including the Bloodstained Manhunt 2 Wii Case Mod, and even a mod for the Wii’s peripherals, like the Power Glove Wiimote mod. This case mod was commissioned for Kevin Smith himself, based around the ultra-geeky cult following of the movie Clerks. Featuring figurines of the four main characters of the movie on ...

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